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Maximize your shipping savings for as little as one cup of coffee per day!

CPS is UPS Ready...

 CPS is a FedEx Compatible Solution...CPS Support USPS with Internet Postage...

Shipping Solution

Harvey Software's CPS Basics Ultimatefor UPS, FedEx & USPS

Big Savings from Day One!
CPS Basics with Phone Support - an affordable multi-carrier shipping software solution that maximizes your shipping and helps you ship more, sell more, and save more!  All at a low monthly rate!

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Purchase CPS Shipping Supplies On-Line... Get a Free Quote

Reduce Bad Address Charges!

Harvey Software's CPS Basics AVM $$
Address Verification Module (AVM) boosts delivery success by dealing
with bad addresses along with identifying residential and commercial destinations...
Learn more about the AVM...

Harvey Software's CPS Basics Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

What Customers Say About Using CPS...

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Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS)Powered Products Solve Tough Problems

Harvey Software's CPS Basics Ultimate
Carriers & Services

National Parcel Carriers
United Parcel Service (UPS)

USPS PC Postage*

Regional Parcel Carrier
Spee-Dee Delivery Service

Alternate Carrier Services
General Carrier Services (GCS)

Alternate Insurance

Optional Services

Other Carrier Services
FedEx SmartPost $$
UPS Mail Innovations $$
Other UPS Contract Services $$

eCommerce Modules
Dydacomp's Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.)

Harvey Software's CPS Basics Ultimate
Shipping Security Features


Automatic backup of data and settings at end-of-day


24/7 download with quick restore if a shipping station fails


Customer and shipping data stored safely at your location


Updates downloaded and installed automatically


Advanced e-mail notification of updates and changes


Ships UPS even when the Internet is down

Why Ship with Harvey Software's CPS Basics Ultimate?

Harvey Software's CPS Basics Ultimate is your first step in solving your shipping problems.  CPS Basics shipping software cuts shipping costs and puts you in control. As your shipping needs grow, CPS powered products can be easily upgraded so they grow with you. CPS powered products can help you expand your market size, increase sales and lower shipping costs. For over 30 years, Harvey Software's customers shipping 50 to 15,000+ orders per day have trusted the control, service, cost-savings and reliability that CPS powered products give them every single day.

Just think - choose the best carrier and service for every package every time! Slash unnecessary costs and shipping delays because you are now in control. But, that is only the beginning!  CPS powered solutions address today's daily shipping and outbound logistics issues with ease regardless of your company size.

CPS Basics shipping software is the perfect solution at a very affordable price and is backed by one of the best support teams in the industry. But, that is not all. CPS powered solutions also help you track your parcels, provide shipping management reports, send automatic shipment notifications to customers for each carrier, plus so much more! On top of all of this, CPS easily connects to your in-house systems.

Harvey Software's CPS Basics Ultimate Problem Solving Features
bullet Incredibly Affordable Monthly Plan
bullet No contracts or long term commitments
bullet No other carrier software needed
bullet Ship unlimited packages without any extra cost
bullet Supports International and Domestic Shipping
bullet Easily downloaded and installed
bullet Reports and labels already set up
bullet Works with most Windows printers
bullet Supports electronic scales
bullet Sends SHIP eLERT email shipment confirmations
bullet Free use of our package tracking tools
bullet Imports your customers and products for easy start-up
bullet Supports Custom Carrier rates tables $$


Features Included

Support Included

Extensive interactive help system
Set up documentation
On-Line Support 24/7 web support
E-mail Support
Phone Support

Processing Features

BestWayTM Calculator
RateBotsTM find the best rate
Smart RateBots time/rate optimizer
FlatRate Shipping Charge Calculator
Handles oversize/dimensional issues

Standard Connectivity

Batch Importing/Exporting
ODBC and External Link

Cut'N Ship

Click here for more FAQs and
CPS System Requirements...

Harvey Software CPS Videos on YouTube...
Video CPS Demo


Purchase CPS Shipping Supplies On-Line... Get a Free Quote

$$ Extra cost option.  Get a Quote.
* May require additional fee-based account with service provider.


Fast Parcel Processing Easy Connectivity Lowers Shipping Costs Increased Customer Satisfaction  Shipper Approved
Learn How CPS Processes Parcels Fast... Learn How CPS Easily Connects to Your Shipping Data... Learn How CPS Lowers Shipping Costs... Learn How CPS Increases Customer Satisfaction... See What CPS Shippers Say...

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